Poultry House for 2500 chickens

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2500 broiler chickens will fit in this poultry house

30m x 6m poultry house for broilers chickens and laying chickens

A layer house is a chicken house that has pullets or laying hens in.A broiler house is a poultry house that has chickens that are reared for their meat. To place 2500 chickens as broilers you will need a Yellow door Poultry house that is 6m wide and 30m long. Pullets are young hens that have not started laying eggs yet and a point of lay chicken is a young hen that has been raised for specifically laying eggs – this is the type of chicken you will place in a layer cage and pullet cage or in a layer house. Made from sturdy angle iron and galvanised sheet these small farmer production houses are perfect for raising layers and broilers in South Africa. Poultry houses are available in many sizes – from very small chicken houses – 3m x 6m for 250 chickens right up to the chicken house picture you see. When building a chicken house you will need to lay a level cement slab and have running water and electricity on you site.

Layer houses and broiler houses that hold up to 2500 chickens are constructed in a similar way. A chicken house that hold layer cages should be higher and have air vents near the floor. It can have layer cages or nest boxes depending on how you wish to farm. A poultry house that is built for broilers should be enclosed and have tube feeders and bell drinkers.

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